MDX SR 836 Modernization from NW 57th Avenue to NW 17th Avenue

Description : MDX started the construction of the improvements to the most congested segment of SR 836 from NW 57th Avenue to NW 17th Avenue. One lane will be added in each direction to increase capacity and the interchanges at NW 27th Avenue, NW 37th Avenue, NW 42nd Avenue, NW 45th Avenue and NW 57th Avenue will be improved to reduce congestion and backups onto local roads. A innovative traffic solution called Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) is being used to significantly improve traffic efficiency.

Project Status : Significant progress has been made widening SR 836 between NW 17th Avenue and NW 57th Avenue including the bridges over the interchanges of LeJeune Road, NW 45th Avenue and NW 37th Avenue. A new travel pattern has opened for eastbound SR 836 drivers exiting at NW 27th Avenue that has improved congestion in the surrounding area. Crews are now demolishing the old NW 27th Avenue ramps. Asphalt paving on NW 14th street has been completed and the new and improved road will open to traffic in early 2017. Crews continue to install beams to support bridges that are being widened throughout the project limits and barrier mounted noise walls are under construction. The project is scheduled to be completed in summer 2018.

Project Documents :