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The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority has a nine member Board of Directors. The Board reflects a broad spectrum of management, business, professional, public service and government expertise.

Of the nine members, eight are non-paid local business and civic leaders. The ninth member is the Florida Department of Transportation District Six Secretary, who serves as a voting member of the MDX Board of Directors. Of the current eight volunteers, Florida's Governor appoints three and the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners appoints the remaining five members. In 2016 the Florida Legislature adopted a bill that reduces MDX to a nine member Board of Directors with three appointed by the Florida Governor, five appointed by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners and the Florida Department of Transportation District Six Secretary serving as the ninth member of the Board of Directors. The current board members are featured below.

Luz Weinberg
GlobComm, LLC
Stacy L. Miller
District VI Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation
Josenrique Cueto, P.E.
Deputy Director, Chief Project Delivery Officer, Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works
Shelly Smith Fano
Executive Director of the Hospitality Institute Program,
Miami Dade College's Miami International Hospitality Center

Executive Director

Darlene M. Fernandez, P.E.
Executive Director
Miami-Dade Expressway Authority

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority Staff

The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority operates in Miami-Dade County with a staff of approximately 29 professionals who are committed to making your commute safer and more efficient.